Industry Information

At RMI Systems, we are constantly involved in providing information to our partnered manufacturers for product improvements, ideas and suggestions from our clients. Many of the RMI System staff has been in the industry for most of their professional careers.

Throughout the last two decades, we’ve seen the acquisition of some of the best manufacturers by large conglomerates only to become dissolved or stifled through corporate politics or the loss of key development members. These acquisitions have also taken place with the installation contractor section of the industry. In many cases, the same results have happened when companies are purchased by their competitors and the key employees are driven out by new management. Although, these issues can be detrimental on the reputation of the industry, we at RMI Systems keep a close eye on industry acquisitions, mergers and partnerships. We focus on creating partnerships with strong manufacturers and have developed long term relationships both professionally and personally with many influential industry leaders.

We are a strong advocate for non-proprietary, open architecture systems. Although all systems become proprietary with software, the majority of the hardware we use can be utilized with other software platforms. This allows us, and our clients, future options if an acquisition takes place with one of our partnered manufacturers. In almost all cases, our wiring infrastructure is non-proprietary because of the hardware we use.

Our designs take future adaptability into consideration. Since the security industry is our lifeblood, we continually look for manufacturers that keep future interoperability designs with backward compatibility in their strategic plans.