All of our Rex Moore Integrated Systems staff comply with the California requirements for background checks from the California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigations. Where our employees interact with clients or have access to their account information, we are very serious about keeping our client’s information confidential.

We are proud to provide professionally designed and installed security and fire systems for our clients. The current security environment of our nation and local communities has drastically changed during the last 15 years and continues to become more of a concern to our clients, their staff and their facilities. We take this business seriously and do not discuss our client’s security applications with any outside sources.

When doing business with RMI Systems, you’ll find that we not only take in consideration the operation of the systems we provide, but we often design our systems for future expansion of new technologies or additions of components based upon trends we see in the types of crime committed and/or upcoming fire codes changes.


 Rex Moore Integrated Systems Staff

Curtis Hall

Curtis Hall is one of our design engineers of fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, and intrusion systems for commercial, government, military, and medical industry projects. Curtis started in the alarm industry in 1984 and for several years worked as an installation and service technician on residential, commercial, and industrial systems. During his career, Curtis has also worked for three of the leading security control panel manufacturers as a technical support representative, technical writer, and product manager. His experience with construction, product design, and the operation of field components and system programming allows him to design to the most stringent code and specification guidelines.

Curtis is factory trained and certified on multiple product lines and holds a NICET Level IV certification for fire alarm design. His extensive knowledge of building and fire alarm code is invaluable to RMI Systems as he continues to be highly involved with approving authorities and the plan check process for our projects.


Chris Soliz

Chris Soliz is our technical detailing adviser of low voltage systems. He works closely with our engineering department to ensure the engineered designs are coordinated with our installation teams. Chris has been in the Alarm industry since 1997 where he was first employed with a local school district and was responsible for maintaining, servicing, and programming of their low voltage systems. Chris has a vast range of project experience, from a small Commercial Fire Alarm system to High-Riser Life Safety with Smoke Control and Voice Evacuation Systems.

Chris is factory trained and certified with all of our product lines and holds a NICET Level II  and a California Fire Life Safety certification. He continually stays current with new technology, product programming languages and field installation techniques. He coordinates closely with our electrical foremen to detail our installations and prepare prefabrication kits in our Sacramento facility. He then instructs the project technician on the system and installation specifics such as specifications, code and customer requirements, and vendor or manufacturer challenges, and also provides technical support to the project and installation team throughout the project.


Phil Gunning

Phil Gunning has been involved in the security and fire alarm industry since 1998. Phil’s family has a long history in the security and fire industry and he is a third generation family member in the industry. During his school years, he spent most of his summer vacations working on low voltage system with family members.

His project experience ranges from residential security systems and commercial office buildings and to high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals, and complex integrated systems for high security facilities. Phil is factory trained with all of our product lines and holds and a California Fire Life Safety certification.

Phil is one the Sales Representatives/Project Mangers of RMI Systems and is currently working on expanding our customer base and ensuring the high standard of quality work that has come to be expected of RMI Systems.


Tyson Raner

Tyson Raner works as one of our Sales Representatives/Project Managers and Estimators for RMI Systems. He is experienced with all low voltage systems, such as Fire Alarm, Security, CCTV and Access Control. Tyson has been in the construction industry for most of his professional career, so he has a solid understanding of construction schedules, management of labor and project workflow.

Tyson is experienced with electrical estimating and layout, so he can provide a turn key estimate for all of our systems where electrical power is needed for access control door controls, fire smoke dampers or other items that need 120v power.



Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson is our installation and service manager. He is involved with each project and manages the technicians and their workload scheduling. Kevin has been in the construction industry for his entire career. In 1996 he entered the fire alarm industry and has worked with many other RMI Systems employees since the early 2000′s.

Kevin is factory trained in all of the RMI Systems product lines and holds a NICET III and a California Fire Life Safety certification. His technical and practical knowledge of our manufacturer’s product lines is unrivaled among the group. In many cases, he provides technical support to our technicians and clients.

Kevin works closely with our central monitoring station to ensure account information and communication technologies remain current. His drive to continue to keep our level of high quality installation and service support is instrumental to our company.


Patrick Tabion

Patrick Tabion has been with RMI Systems since 2006. He has been in the industry since 1998, where he started his employment with a security contractor in Atlanta, Georgia. Even before this, during his high school years, Patrick worked with security companies to assist with installation of residential security alarm systems. His project experience includes schools, banks, large corporate offices, retail outlets, government buildings, high rises and complex integrated security systems.

Patrick is factory trained and highly experienced with all of our product lines and remains one of our most seasoned technicians. He holds a California Fire Life Safety certification and is working towards his NICET certification. He continues to raise the bar with a personal commitment to get the job done correctly the first time and our clients love the service he provides.

With an extremely strong working knowledge of the product lines we represent he has the proven ability to systematically troubleshoot, diagnose and repair older faulty systems with older product lines that may not be manufactured any longer. From small security alarm systems to highly complex high rise life safety systems with smoke control, Patrick can handle it all.


Jim Comstock

Jim Comstock joined RMI Systems from our electrical side of the house. He has graduated from the WECA electrical apprenticeship program and has acquired his certified general electrician and fire life safety certification for the State of California. In 2008, Jim earned an AS degree in Building Inspecting Technology from Cosumnes River College.

Jim holds a NICET Level II certification and his high level of electrical knowledge brings a wealth of experience to our company.



Boyd Augusta

Boyd Augusta joined RMI Systems in 2009 and focuses on testing and servicing our fire alarm accounts. Boyd has a long history in the industry where he started as an installation technician in 1980. Boyd is very detailed and organized and manages our relationship with UL inspectors for our UL Certificated installations.

Boyd graduated from San Joaquin Delta College with an Associates Degree in electronics technology and graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelors of Science degree in industrial technology with an electronics emphasis. He holds a California Fire Life Safety certification and is working towards his NICET certification. He has worked in the California Central Valley for over 35 years in the field of Electronic systems. His various areas of experience have been in installing, servicing and supervising installation of sound, access control, security alarm, CCTV surveillance, fire alarm, nurse call, paging, intercom and master clock system.



Greg Parkhurst

Greg Parkhurst has been in the security industry since 2002. He joined RMI Systems in 2007 and has become instrumental in the field installation and development of our complex, high security integrated security systems. Greg’s experience with clients where security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance has been crucial to the success and reputation of RMI Systems. He holds a California Fire Life Safety certification and is working towards his NICET certification.

Greg is factory trained and certified with all of our product lines and remains one of our best technicians for clients with sensitive security solutions.


Clint Hamilton

Clint Hamilton resides in our Fresno office and has been with RMI Systems since 2007. Clint graduated from the WECA electrical apprenticeship program and has acquired his certified general electrician and fire life safety cards for the State of California. He also has a vast experience and knowledge about telecommunication and data cabling and communication circuits. We rely on Clint’s expertise to oversee and manage our systems in the Central Valley of California.

Clint’s RMI Systems project experience ranges from small security alarm systems to highly complex hospital fire alarm and security access control systems. As with many of our other field technicians, there’s not a low voltage system application that Clint has not been involved with. Clint is factory trained and experienced with all of our product lines



Dave Ramos

Dave Ramos joined us from the Telecom/Data division and has been with Rex Moore since 1996. Dave’s experience with data network cabling, racks and IT requirements brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our security and fire division. His Corning fiber certification adds an advantage to RMI Systems when working on systems and designs were long distance network communications are needed.

Dave has graduated from the WECA electrical apprenticeship program, holds a California certified general electrician card and has been in the electrical trade for more than 25 years. He is factory trained with many of our product lines and participates with other RMI Systems staff members on some of our largest integrated system installations.


Kim Stafford

Kim Stafford is the heart of our service and accounting department. She oversees the management of the monitored accounts and works closely with the installation and operation staff to ensure the communication between the field staff and the client remains constant.